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Meadows Does March

The most talented artist in Arkansas also happens to edit the hell out of some skate clips. Now that we are ramping action back up on Gnarkansas, you better believe that you will be seeing more from him and these dudes...Watch the video.

added 4/6/17

Ripcords Go Hollywood

#ripcords everything. Don't question it, just do it. Long awaited film by Colin Mackey shows how a bunch of skateboard-ridin dudes spend thier free time. Hijinx, shotguns and skateboard don't want to miss it...Watch the video.

added 7/2/16

How Skateboard Art Is Made with Jason Meadows

This video that the artist behind many graphics, including Boardertown's newest shop deck, put together will make you appreciate the process that much more. Take a step into the mind of Jason Meadows...Watch the video.

added 3/31/16

Free Parking: Texas

What do you get when you send 3 Gnarkansas dudes down to Texas skating free parks with a GoPro in hand: This! Brad, Jonny and Jamey with down south to skate some of the many skateparks Texas has to offer...Watch the video.

added 3/31/16

Flashback Friday: Syndicate in KC

What a Flashback to start off with! Our dearly missed skateshop of Northwest Arkansas Syndicate Boards & Apparel, Headed up by Scot Ripple and later on, Joby Ogluin, holds a special place in our hearts around here. Check out this video from a trip we took back in 20-whenever. Shreddin'...Watch the video.

added 2/19/16

OUCH! with Jonny Undiano

Making history over here at Gnarkansas! However, Its not the kind of history we'd like to applaud. This post marks the Jonny Undiano as the first skater to be featured 2 times in our unfortunate "OUCH!" segment. Take a peek at this face plopper at Boardertown Skateshop & Skatepark...Watch This.

added 12/15/15

Eureka Spring 2015

We are back in business! These trips are our saving grace from the summer heat. With a shaded bowl in the picturesque town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas and the ever-so invigorating swimming locale of Hogskald on Beaver Lake, we always jump for the chance to engage in what our state has to offer. We may not be droppin hammers, but damn it, we are having fun...Watch the video.

added 7/6/14

Dumpin' Clips #14

With the filming of VISUALS coming to a close, this also holds true for the Dumpin Clips Series. After watching the entire series, you can say the VISUALS is going to hold some epic clips of our favorite Arkansas ripper dudes. Stay posted, the end is near...Dump the Clip.

added 6/4/14

Ft. Smith At Large

Ft. Smith skaters have been holding it down for Gnarkansas and our content. So every chance we get, we got to get them their props! From the streets to the parks, no matter what city they are in, guarantee they are representing...Watch The Video.

added 6/3/14

Dumpin' Clips #13

During the filming of Taylor Lubritz's upcoming full length video, VISUALS, some tricks may not make the cut, but that doesn't mean you don't need to see the footy! Don't worry, We know we're right. Check out this run of Dumpin' Clips, 13 deep...Dump the Clip.

added 4/7/14

Gnarkansas Goes to Malto's Training Facility

It was the great privilege spend the evening in Kansas City at Escapist' Sean Malto's Training Facility during his downtime (GET WELL BUDDY!) and all due to the courtesy of our good buddy, Jesse Doan. Its needless to say that it was a trip well spent. Those dudes obviously had fun....Check it out.

added 3/12/14

Jason Meadows Films Walker Park

Gnarkansas compadre, Jason Meadows, caught the Gnarkansas crew and a few other local ripster out at Walker Park in Fayetteville, AR for a little good weather park edit....Check it out.

added 3/7/14

Dumpin' Clips #12

Yea, We know its been a while but the winter season has put a dampening on us here in Gnarkanasas. But fret not, our star-studded filmer, Taylor Lubritz, has stayed resilient and made the cold weather suck it! Or at least, gum it....Dump the Clip.

added 2/21/14

Texas Trip 2013

Back in 2013, a few Gnarkansan's set off to the great state of Texas for some awesome skateboarding action. Check out the article, Divagaciones en Tejas for an inside scoop of the debaucheries that went down, and here is the footage to complement it...Watch the Video.

added 1/15/14

Gnarkansas Times: Thursday January 2, 2013

Our newspaper took physical form! Watch the video series, "Gnarkansas Times" only on to see what's going on in our neck of the woods. Check out the newest edition of Gnarkansas Times. Pick up a copy of Gnarkansas Times only at The Skate Station in Fayetteville, AR.


added 1/2/14

Lost & Found

Every once in a while, a filmer likes to go through his stockpile of footage and filter out some of the content for use in future projects. I did just that, except I couldn't help but to throw in a few goodies here and there, that we we supposed to hold on to...OOPS! Oh well, the radness must be seen...Watch the Video.

added 12/8/13

Dumpin' Clips #11

It's the first Dumpin' Clips of the winter season and you know that weather doesn't stop us from shreddin. Check this weeks episode with some new faces to the website and more....Watch the Video.

added 11/24/13

Gnarkansas Times: Monday 29, 2013

Our online newspaper and video series, "Gnarkansas Times" is back with articles about what's going on in our neck of the woods along with video content that you cant miss. Check out the newest edition of Gnarkansas Times.


added 10/5/13

Light Up The Skatepark Commercial

It's almost a week away and I know that everyone is having trouble keeping their pants on due to the shear excitement so here is a little teaser to get the proper taste in you mouf. Prepare yourselves for Light Up The Skatepark on September 28th at Walker Skatepark in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Hope to see everyone out for this one of a kind event...Watch the Commercial.

added 9/19/13

Dumpin' Clips #10

Back for another round, Dumpin' Clips is dumping some more clips in your face. As we always say, its hard to call these clips dumpin when these dudes kill it so hard. Tune in soon for the newest edition of Gnarkansas Times with some of the real bangers held back....Watch the Video.

added 9/4/13

OUTSIDER: An Exhibition of Works by MASER

Back in November of 2012, I had the extraordinary privilege of working with MASER, a famed artist from Ireland. OUTSIDER: An Exhibition of Works by MASER was held at Kathy P. Thompson Studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The event was a complete success....Watch the Video.

added 8/20/13

QuickTrip to Owasso

Gnarkansas' trusty filmer, Taylor Lubritz follows Jamey Hogue and Jonny Undiano to Owasso Skatepark in Oklahoma for a little one on one time. How precious, I know. Normal radness occurs...Watch the Video.

added 8/20/13

Shotgun TV Episode 3

This episode of Shotgun TV is focusing on Boardertown Skateshop's manager and Gnarkansas trick factory, Nick Gibson. Check these clips stacked throughout the year with some new stuff and some b-roll stuff which will leave you feeling that this guy is more on point than a needle... Check out the Video.

added 8/4/13

Gnarkansas Times: Monday 29, 2013

Our mocumented Video Series, "Gnarkansas Times" platform has been revisited now with articles about what's going on in our neck of the woods along with video content. Check out the newest edition of Gnarkansas Times.

added 7/29/13

Shotgun TV Episode 2

Continuing in the same spirit of guns, fun and hi jinx, Shotgun TV brings you Zach Kendrick and Devon Leavell's part. With another hilarious cameo from the infamous Nathan Meyers and some cool spots, this edit will keep you entertained as you try to forget about your hangover. Enjoy... Check out the Video.

added 7/23/13

Shotgun TV

Throw together some guns, fun spots, a song about moonshine and an exploding trampoline and you have Jason Meadows and David Billingslea's split part from Shotgun TV... Check out the Video.

added 7/6/13

National Go Skateboarding Day 2013

June 21st was National Go Skateboarding Day. A day where Skateboarders from all over, recognize the freedom to skate every damn day, including this one. Fayetteville skaters joined at Walker Skatepark for some friendly events... Check out the Video.

added 7/2/13

Dumpin Clips #9

Dumpin' Clips is back! With the usual characters and a few new spots, this new edit lets you see what the Gnarkansans have been up to these past few months: ripping! Stay tuned for another installment of Dumpin' Clips... Dump the Clips.

added 6/20/13

Barefoot Brock

Much like the honey badger, Brock (aka "Brockoli") don't give a f%#$! Shoes or no shoes, he will shred any tranny you put in front of him. Anyone who's skated with him would agree. Watch him do some crazy barefooted maneuvers in this quick clip... Watch the Video.

added 6/20/13

Gnarkansas at Eureka Springs

Everyone loves to shred a bowl! And with summer weather in full-force, takin' a dip in Beaver Lake sounded pretty sweet too. With those things in mind, the Gnarkansans headed out to Eureka Springs... See more.

added 6/12/13

Gnarkansas at Bentonville Skatepark

You don't always have time to skate during the day. With NWA having a small supply of spots to skate in the dark hours, Gnarkansans Jamey Hogue and Jonny Undiano head to Bentonville Skatepark to get some tricks. Check this video.

added 6/6/13

Gnarkansas Times Debut

The New mocumented Video Series, "Gnarkansas Times" is here and available for your viewing pleasure. Check out the debut episode of Gnarkansas Times. As it sits, The video series will air once a month but who knows what's next. Maybe we will see some staff writers on Gnarkansas in the near future???

added 5/22/13

Boardertown 2013 Montage

Boardertown Skate Shop & Skate Park in Ft. Smith has made a large impact on the people of Northwest Arkansas and Nick Gibson has documented the action inside of the complex over the last year. Check out this video of everyone getting tricks in our neighborhood training facility.

added 5/16/13

Jamey Hogue Unnatural Commercial

'Unnatural' is sometimes defined as: In violation of natural feelings; inhuman. Jamey Hogue is just that. In this commercial, you will see the inhuman ability to karate kick his way out of every trick he throws... See the Commercial.

added 4/22/13

Nick in LA with Underground Wheel Company

Nick Gibson took a flight over to California to skate with Gnarkansas friends, Underground Wheel Company. They skated some classic LA area spots and Nick proves why he is one of Arkansas gnarliest skaters... Check It Out.

added 4/22/13

Dumpin Clips #8

More clips for you dump! This Dumpin clips will slay your face. The Gnarkansas Clan gets bigger and bigger everyday. Witness these dude kill it with their supposed "throw-away" clips, I don't trust 'em... Dump the Clips.

added 4/21/13

OUCH! with Josh Nelson

First off, Don't let this crazy video fool you. Josh Nelson is one of the gnarliest skaters in Arkansas. But this was just a combination of confidence and thinking you'll walk it out that made this rail to drop scary. Josh goes Top Gun on this one...Watch This.

added 4/3/13

Dumpin Clips #7

Gnarkansas gets mobile with this one hitting up spots around Rogers, Bentonville and Ft. Smith. New Gnarkansan's on the map, new shops announcing soon and more traveling to come with some new video segments coming soon... Dump the Clips.

added 3/28/13

Dumpin Clips #6

Well It's obvious that we've been slacking, no other videos since Dumpin' #5? What kinda crap is that?!?! Well yet again, This weeks' Dumpin' Clips is another banger with a few new faces to the site... Dump the Clips.

added 3/13/13

Dumpin Clips #5

This weeks Dumpin Clips made us seriously consider pulling this edit from the series. This one is killer. Big drops, street rappers and tech grinds make this episode a must watch... Dump the Clips.

added 2/26/13

The New-New at Boardertown

Get ready to feel lucky yet again. Boardertown Skateshop brought in Team Pain once more to remodel the park for all us Arkansans and you wouldn't believe how much they changed without this video. Make sure to stop by and check out the new-new... Watch the Video.

added 2/17/13

One Bright Night

Every once in a while we get a rare opportunity to do something really exciting. We got that chance when JTH Audio and Gnarkansas merged for a fun night that we will never forget. Lights, skateboards, a box, a rail and some creativity produced something truly worth remembering... Watch the Video.

added 2/16/13

Mystery Ramp

Don't even ask where it is, CAUSE WE AIN'T TELLIN! Mystery ramp is located deep in the hills of Northwest Arkansas, which enables one to get down n dirty, mini ramp style. Check out the plethera of tricks banged out in this edit... Watch the Video.

added 2/9/13

Dumpin Clips #4

So with the servers down the last few days, we were unable to release Dumpin Clips on time this week, but better late than never, right? In this episode, the crew hits the streets of Fayetteville to get some tricks out of the way, just another day in the hood... Dump the Clips.

added 2/9/13

QuikTrip to Mohawk

While the passenger van was in Oklahoma City, The rest of the Gnarkansas crew didn't make it as far, but made it to Mohowk Skatepark in Tulsa, OK. One piece of advise: Don't leave anything sitting out at a skatepark, grab-happy kids... Watch the Video.

added 2/2/13

Late Night OKC

Part 3 finishes up the Oklahoma City trip with a chill night session while enjoying perfect weather and taking full advantage of it... Watch the Video.

added 2/2/13

OKC Street

In part 2 of the passenger van journey, The guys hit up Oklahoma City's many street spots as well as a DIY park that makes for some easy trick-gettin... Watch the Video.

added 1/27/13


The passenger van made its way to Oklahoma City, OK for a little weekend getaway with some Tulsa homies. The crew starts out this 1 of 3 parter at Downtown Park... Watch the Video.

added 1/26/13

Dumpin' Clips #3

It's the first Dumpin' Clips of the new year and you know that weather doesnt stop us from shreddin. Check this weeks episode with some new faces to the website... Watch the Video.

added 1/17/13

Bonfire Jump Ramp

When someone says, "Hey, do you wanna skate over this bonfire?" I'm usually game. But I guess David Billingslea heard them say "Hey, do you wanna skate the bonfire?"... Did he make it?

added 1/9/13

Dumpin' Clips #2

Another episode deep and 'Dumpin' Clips' is pumpin out some serious hype. This time, The crew cruises some of Northwest Arkansas' prime street spots. You don't wanna miss this one... Watch the Video.

added 12/29/12


Boardertown Skateshop & Skatepark in Fort Smith has been a tremendous help to the skaters of Northwest Arkansas with providing a warm indoor skate facility. With that said, we be filmin there a lot! Special guest appearance by Escapist' Team Rider Jesse Doan. See MORE Boardertown Clips...

added 12/29/12

Dumpin' Clips #1

For a long time, It's been random clips this and random clips that. Now you actually have something to look forward to! The new series 'Dumpin Clips' will air every other week so you can see the random skate madness that happens in the heart of the country, this is Gnarkansas... Watch the Video.

added 12/12/12

Boardertown Goes To Memphis

A couple of weeks ago, Boardertown took their passenger van over to Memphis of a weekend of shredding. It should go without saying that some epic stuff went down and this legthy edit proves it... Watch the Video.

added 12/5/12

Rogers Park

Gnarkansas slid through to skate the heavy metal of Rogers, Ar. Aside from a gaping shin wound, the day was an obvious success. Watch the Video to see why.

added 11/17/12

Whale Flip

Back with another skate-heavy edit from your friendly-neighborhood Gnarkansans. Hopefully you aren't upset when they skate your neigborhood...Watch the Video.

added 11/14/12

Best Trick on Satan's Tombstone

BAM! Just two hours after it was announced, this best trick happened in the blink of an eye! It was quite a shock to see everyone come out and kill it with no warning. Zack King, Chris Hamilton, Zack Kendrick and Moses Lechtenberger walked away with some fresh decks...Hell Awaits.

added 11/8/12

Who Do You Think You Are?!

Ever get ruthlessly kicked out of a skate spot? All to familiar to a skateboarder. But that doesn't stop us. Keep shreddin, Arkansas. We got you're back...Check the Video.

added 11/6/12

Christian Luster Full Part

Fort Smith was recently visited by California-lokster, Christian Luster and decided to bang out a quick part during his time here. Check out what Christian's got for the state...Watch the Full Part.

added 11/3/12

SUSO Skate Demo at MLK Skatepark

Step Up and Speak Out, an organization who focuses on stopping community violence, invited Boardertown Skateshop's team out to show thier steppin skillz and put on a skate demo for the people of Ft. Smith. Skateboarding and free food always make for a fun day...Watch the video.

added 10/24/12

OUCH! with Nick Gibson

And we are back with another installment of OUCH! This time, Nick Gibson steps up to this long 11-stair handrail with a classic boardslide, and we all know the dangers there. Here, Nick shows his gnar boots as he racks then gets back up for a make. Don't worry rail, He'll be back....Slam Here.

added 10/21/12

Late Night Campus Cam

Days are getting shorter, but but somebody didn't tell our film squad. During the cover of nightfall, the vigilantes take a late night stroll through campus and some handoffs make this a fun edit to watch....Check It Out.

added 10/21/12

QuikTrip to Owasso & Tulsa

Do you ever go to a place that has a certain attraction and when you're there you just can help but go there multiple times? Well, that's our crew and QuikTrip. When the QT stops outnumber the skatepark stops, you know we've got a problem...Watch the Video.

added 9/30/12

Gnarkansas Goes to Denver: Episode 3 - Lafayette & Roxborough

In the final episode, The guys cruise to Lafayette and Roxborough, closing out the vacation. Don't fret Colorado, you haven't seen the last of us...Watch The Final Episode.

added 9/30/12

Walker Park

In Fayetteville, Walker Skatepark is home to many skate rats and its been a while since Gnarkansas has had some fun there. And what better way to introduce Gnarkansas' new filmer on staff, Taylor Lubritz...Click to Watch.

added 9/25/12

Gnarkansas Goes to Denver: Episode 2 - Edgewater, Broomfield & Arvada

More from the Gnarkansans trip to Colorado. More parks and more air. Easy to see how one could have fun in places like this...Watch Episode 2.

added 9/22/12

Gnarkansas Goes to Denver: Episode 1 - NorthGlenn & Wheat Ridge

Out Northwest, Rests an area scattered with any possible skatepark you would want to skate. Some Gnarkansans took a week long trip to hang in Colorado...Watch Episode 1.

added 9/17/12

Boardertown Skateshop Commercial: Zero Gravity

Boardertown is holding it down for the Northwest Arkansas scene and with that said, they are standing thier ground as being the most cutting edge shop around with this commercial from Mutiny FX with Gnarkansas' Own, Nick Gibson...Watch The Commercial.

added 7/20/12

The New Dump 'n' Grind: She Rolls

The Ramp is complete. Decks are under construction but that doesn't stop us from skating. The Dump n Grind rides better than it ever has and heres some footage to prove it...Watch The Video.

added 7/16/12

Dump 'n' Grind Facelift

Its been a long time comin but it has finally came to...THE DUMP N GRIND IS ALL CONCRETE! That's right after several beer-soaked nights, the ramp is officially and literally solid...Click to the facelift happen.

added 7/2/12

Sleepin On The Job

Itchin for a new Gnarkansas video? Well, Here you go. With all the server problems and general heat we've been having, it hasn't stopped us from skating. This is proof...Click to Watch.

added 6/29/12

Skate Date Eureka

We always have fun in Eureka Springs. Beers, Boards, and Bowls make any skater's day better. Here's a little example of a chill skate day in the best concrete bowl in Arkansas...Click to Watch.

added 5/23/12

Rip Ride Slash Attack

In 2008, Kent Summers dropped a video that is the perfect example of Arkansas skateboarding. This video should have been on Gnarkansas a long time ago. One word description, "Rad."...Watch it NOW!

added 5/13/12

Fun Footy Episodes 1-5

You ever have a mound of uncaptured dv tapes on your desk? Well, Michael Hawkins does. He has been compiling footage from the last year releasing them through mini episodes...See All 5 Here.

added 4/3/12

Gnarkansas at Siloam Springs

The city skatepark in Siloam Spings recently got a new precast concrete addition. A few of us took a trip that way to check it out. Fun place to stop in and dial your tricks in...Watch it now.

added 3/30/12

This Is Our Town

Fayetteville streets have been skated on for years and we don't hesitate to let haters know. Check out this video of down-4-life Gnarkansans holdin it down for the town...Click to Watch.

added 2/27/12

Little Rock Homies!!!

Gnarkansas love in the Central AR! Here's some clips from our bro-nasties down in Little Rock. These dudes know how to party and know how to shred. Expect to see more from down under...Watch the Video.

added 2/27/12

Boardertown Madness

With Arkansas weather surprising you around every corner, you can bet that the smoothest indoor park in the state catches some traffic. Here's a buttload of footage that will make you wanna go skate there yourself...Watch the Video.

added 2/22/12

Eureka Winter Jam

Back in December, We made it out to our favorite bowl in the woods. Eureka Springs is a great place for a little fun in the sticks...Watch the Video.

added 2/8/12

Darren Gentry Clips

Heres some clips of Ascent Skateboards's Darren Gentry at various parks in Arkansas...Watch the Video.

added 1/4/12

A Day with Nick Gibson

Merry Christmas to all! This holiday season we got to spend a day with Nick Gibson on the streets of Fayetteville...Watch the Video.

added 12/24/11

Rough Cut Line

This is why Nick Gibson is gnarliest in Arkansas...Watch the Video.

added 12/12/11

Shawn Rogers at Boardertown

Here, Shawn Rogers shows us what happens when you have the keys to a rad skatepark...Watch the Video.

added 12/12/11

The Last Few Months with Gnarkansas

Yea it's winter, but we still skate! Here's some proof...Watch the Video.

added 12/12/11

Satellite Session at the Farm

Pile of junk? In Gnarkansas, we see a something to skate. And rolling around the farm, you can find a pile of junk or two. It never fails that the farm puts the 'gnar' in Gnarkansas...Watch the Video.

added 12/12/11

Ouch! with Jonny Undiano

Sometimes nollie heelflips dont work out in your favor...Watch The Video.

added 11/2/11

Introducing Boardertown

I know we've been talking a lot about Boardertown on Gnarkansas, But its hard not to. IT'S JUST SO AWESOME! We interview head of Boardertown to get the inside dirt, while getting a couple of clips...Watch the Video.

added 11/2/11

Boardertown Park Build

Here's a preview of the epic park build happening right now in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The Legendary Team Pain is working on the new Boardertown Skateshop and Indoor Skatepark...Watch the Video.

added 10/8/11

Hit Em

Anybody been geekin for some new footage from the Gnarkansas Camp? Look not further. Clicked up, heavier than ever, This is Gnarkansas... Watch the Video.

added 10/1/11

First Session In The Shack

Gnarkansas DIY at it again, this time, inside of Juice's House! Jesse Finical and Mark Landry create more crap to skate...Check The Gnar.

added 9/1/11

Charlie's Last Skate In Arkansas

Charlie Nakic says goodbye to Arkansas. So, We skate and eat BBQ to see him off...Watch The Video.

added 9/1/11

Tyler Freeman 5 Clips

Boardertown is back again with 5 clips from Tyler Freeman. At this rate, you can expect to see alot more from these guys...Watch The Clips.

added 8/29/11

Darren Gentry 5 Clips

Boardertown brings us Darren Gentry from Russelville, Arkansas with some flippers and grinders and some flippers to grinders...Watch The Clips.

added 8/19/11

A Night At The Dump

During these hot Arkansas days, the night time is precious to a skater. Where better to spend the cool nights than the lovely Dump 'n Grind...See the Video.

added 8/16/11

Brandon's Birthday Weekend

For Brandon Herbert's Birthday, the party posse skate Walker Park and Eureka Bowl. Seems like these birthday bashes are becoming a regular thing...Watch the Video.

added 8/15/11

Make it Work: Short Film by Andrew Price and Charlie Nakic

In Make It Work, Brandon Herbert, Jack Reilly and Jonny Undiano tell the story of what its like to work and skate...Watch the film.

added 8/8/11

Pourin at the Dump 'n Grind

Gnarkansas DIY attacks again with the newest addition to the Dump 'n Grind, turning one full wall completely concrete...See The Video.


added 8/5/11

We Kill Parks: Walker Skatepark

Brock Nroll & Jonny Undiano kill Fayetteville's Walker Skatepark. No surprise there...See The Video.


added 8/1/11

Ouch! with Jamey Hogue

Go Skateboarding Day was fun and games for everyone. Jamey Hogue 360 flip to 50-50 attempt...Watch The Video.

added 7/21/11

Barn Ramp Montage

Nick Gibson, Tyler Freeman, Zach Kendrick and Jason Meadows skate a deceased barn mini in Dora, OK...Check The Video.

added 7/15/11

Black Ops: Brandon & Jonny

Brandon Herbert & Jonny Undiano stealth night mission at Walker Park...Check The Video.

added 7/8/11

Brad's B-Day Eureka Jam

A huge posse of Arkansas skate junkies met up in Eureka Springs for Brad Magar's Birthday...Watch The Video.

added 6/21/11

Merchants Session

Nick Gibson dropped a fun session with the Fort Smith guys at Merchants...Watch The Video.

added 6/21/11

Juice's Birthday Jam

Its a party over here, a party over there...actually we just skate a lot. Juiceman's B-day jam session at The Dump 'n Grind...Watch The Video.

added 6/4/11

Mental Bakedown: Hogue & Undiano

Michael Hawkins is releasing all of the Mental Bakedown parts from the video in 2011. Here's Fayetteville's Jamie Hogue and Jonny Undiano...See The Videos.

added 5/30/11

Lost In Austin: Days 3 & 4

Andrew Price and The Crew continue thier adventures in Austin, TX. Alot of popular spots are visited and alot of fun is had....See The Video.

added 5/19/11

Kanis Bash 2011 Full Length

Extended Version of the Kanis Bash 2011 Coverage. Some music clips and a little evening wine and dancing...See The Video.

added 5/19/11

Lost In Austin: SXSW 2011 Day 1 & 2

A short film by Andrew Price. A few arkies and some arky-satalittes experience SXSW in Austin, TX in all its splendor. Music, Skating, Traveling: what we live for...See The Video.

added 5/11/11


Back Again! Nick Gibson, with Underground Wheel Company, along with Jason Meadows, Shawn Rogers and Tyler Freeman skate Dream at Enjoy and Russelville skatepark.

KC Montoge 2011

Weekend at Jesse Doans in Downtown KC.

Mall Grab

Jonny Undiano and Brandon!!! Music Credit: Flock of Seagulls - "And I Ran"

Player's Ball

Always skating, Always filming. From, comes some of Fayetteville's players: Brandon Herbert, Nate Bazinet, David Billingsly, Jonny Undiano, Zach Kendrick and Sam Bouphasiri.

Dream Skatepark Vert Session

This was a few weeks ago, I rode down to LR with Jesse, Coburn, and Zach. Ryan Galvin, Daniel Haney, Jon Boyd, and Lindal Roe were having a Session on the Vert ramp so we decided to Join and here is what went down.

Dump 'n' Grind Round 2

oh its daytime now! Brad Magar, Zack Kendrick, Jesse Finical, Mark Landry, David Billingsly, Brock Lee, Jamie Hogue and our lovely ramp ladies ;) at...THE DUMP N thats farmin...

B&E For Life

B&E Paintball & Skateboardss, Fort Smith, AR 1999-2011. "Here's to the memories"... Commercial

Coburn Huff and Brandon Herbert with a Commercial edit for Music Credit: MF Doom & The Desired Effect - "More Soup"

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Kanis DIY and Riverview NLR trip. Music Credit: Iron Maiden - "The Trooper"

Dump N Grind

Night Session out at the Dump n Grind. Mark Landry, David Billingsly, Brock, Coburn Huff and Zack Kendrick. Filmed by Brandon Herbert

Camera Check

Jonny Undiano, Brandon Herbert, Jamie Hogue, Joby Ogluin and Coburn Huff in Fayetteville, AR and Tulsa, OK. Filmed and Edited by Brandon Herbert

Syndicate Saturday Sesh

Skaters Featured (in order of appearance): Andrew Price, Brandon Herbert, Charlie Nakic, Johnny Undiano, David Billingsley, Jack Reilly, Matt McCormack

MLK Montage 2011

Featuring: Nathan Lowther, Kyle Haskins, Mike Cordell, Jesse Doan, and many more...

Syndicate 60 frames

Andrew Price put together this nice montage, shot in 60 frames per second. Filmed at The Skate Station and Walker Park, Fayetteville, AR.

Nick Gibson (MentalBakeDown) Throwaway Footie 2010
Just some of the leftover footage filmed in 2010 for "Mental Bakedown", Film by Mike Hawkins and Nick Gibson. Also, Some Clips From Nick's Colorado trip! More Bonus footage to come.





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Fort Smith, AR

Rogers, AR


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