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Lost & Found

Every once in a while, a filmer likes to go through his stockpile of footage and filter out some of the content for use in future projects. I did just that, except I couldn't help but to throw in a few goodies here and there, that we we supposed to hold on to...OOPS! Oh well, the radness must be seen.

-Brandon Herbert

Jonny Undiano, Andrew Shrigley, Zach King, Zach Kendrick, Taylor Lubritz, Walker Texas Ranger, Blake Brown, Stubbs Freeman, Jamey Hogue, Brandon Herbert, Jeremy Wood, Nick Vela, Tyler Freeman, Josh Nelson, Colin Mackey, Tim Marley and Nick Gibson

Filmed By
Brandon Herbert and Taylor Lubritz

Edited By
Brandon Herbert

Music By
The Submarines

"1940" Amplive Remix
"The Fall"











Fayetteville, AR

Fort Smith, AR

Rogers, AR


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