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Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Heavy Metal Parking Lot from Gnarkansas on Vimeo.

Last Weekend, Me and a couple of the Fayetteville/Ft. Smith crew took a trip down to our favorite little ghetto paradise, Little Rock. Our mission was to check out the newest in concrete additions to the Kanis Project. We met up with Obie, Brian Lee, Kent and more to witness the pour that would connect the sidewalk area to the jersey barrier escalator.

As soon as we arrive, we walk up to quikrete and beer cans flyin. They had already poured the flat bottom and were finishing up. Trouls and wheelbarrows were the weapons, knee pads and boots was the armor in this battle of man versus 'the man'. These Dedicated Little Rock Skaters have been working for years now to build the Kanis Project into what it is today. With no help from the city, they have managed to raise enough money and provide enough labor to construct one of the most unique and gnarly DIY skateparks in Arkansas.

After skating Kanis and tossin a few cold ones back with crew, we headed to North Little Rock Park to take advantage of the rare perfect weather LR had to offer. Once finished there, we headed to the new Enjoy Life Skateshop for a sneak peak of the amazing skatepark being constructed in the facility. Daniel Haney, long time veteran of Arkansas pro skating, has provided the means for the true heads of LR skateboarding to build the New Enjoy Life warehouse into what it is. They have major plans for the future so, we at will be looking forward to what's coming next.

Our trip ended with some Heavy Metal Parking Lot, 3am philly cheesesteaks, mudding with Allen, morning Riverview session and lunch at Little Rock's Gourmet Pizza and Salads, Za Za's. All in all, we had a memorable time avoiding dubstep kooks and kickin it with rad arkan-dunnies. To everyone, put May 7th on your calendar for the Kanis Project Fundraiser. See you there!

Brandon Herbert






Fayetteville, AR

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