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Brandon's Birthday Weekend

Brandon Herbert, Joby Ogluin, Sam Boupasiri, Jason Meadows, Brock Cooper and Jonny Undiano

Filmed and Edited by
Brandon Herbert
Music Credit:
Jibbs - "King Kong"

Fayetteville Skateboarding is all about buddies kickin it, and for my birthday weekend, it seemed like everyones plan was for me to go skate every day. In which case, I bust out the VX and get to filmin!

First day, we went to Walker park to enjoy the change in weather the midwest is having. Basic good skate day, with park scattered with bikers and grommits ready to get in your way. The next day, the posse set off to Eureka Springs for a shady session at the bowl, where we ran into Manny, young ripper from Hermann's Hole. It was an awesome skate day followed by a last minute swim at Beaver Lake.

Thanks to everyone who kicked it. No need for presents when youre skating non-stop....Gnarkansas-Proud.











Fayetteville, AR

Fort Smith, AR

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