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Skateparks: Walker Skatepark
Location: Fayetteville, AR

This season is about being thankful. Things like family, friends and Chuck Norris. But skaters in the Northwest Arkansas area should be truly thankful to have Walker Skatepark in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This great state has, unfortunately, been cursed with many pre-fabricated skateparks and Fayetteville took the correct route and went with the best surface, concrete.

Photos: Brandon Herbert

This 8,000 sq ft concrete park was contracted and designed by Purkiss-Rose, which coincidentally, was its largest error. As tough as it is to say something negative about the a skatepark in this writer's hometown, it must be said. It is one of the best city-provided concrete skateparks but still not designed like a quality concrete park should. Walker park does have everything a skater would want to skate, in theory, of course. Tranny, ledges, rails, flow? There's where you run into a problem. Flat walls are seen all over Walker park, ending lines, yet challenging locals just the same. One thing most experienced park builders will tell you is, every ounce of concrete must be utilized as a skateable surface. There is a lot of unskatable surface in this design. Things like double kink rails on an ill-designed waterfall or handrails that don't follow the angle of the stairs are just a few things to mention regarding design flaws.

Photos: Brandon Herbert

Overall, I still stand with my original statement, This is one of the best city skateparks in Arkansas. With a large concrete park near our downtown area, you really can't complain. For the next concrete project in Fayetteville, you can guarantee that Gnarkansas will be there to suggest a reputable builder/designer such as Team Pain, Grindline, Dreamland or even ShowMePools. And if you're ever in Fayetteville, you are bound to run into Gnarkansas and in that case, hit us up for more skating around our area. We will be glad to show you around.

-Brandon Herbert




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