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Skateparks: Siloam Springs City Skatepark
Location: Siloam Springs, AR

ARC (American Ramp Company) dropped a few pre cast concrete ramps at Siloams Springs City Skatepark, adding on to the exiting metal prefabricated park that the city has had some time now, to the point of rust here and there. For a pre cast concrete park, this one isn't that bad. If you have been looking to work on your ledge tricks, come on down.

Photos: Brandon Herbert

All of the park is painted with an anti graffiti paint which proves beneficial in some area, mostly being on the ledge tops. All the ledges slide fairly well and the coping on the ramps is okay as well. Everything falls on the small side of skateboard ramps. It has been common in recent city park builds to only fund small skatepark's. Although We're sure Siloam got there moneys worth, this is no flow park or spectacle. Its the best you could get with a old prefab metal park connected to a pre cast concrete park in Small Town, USA.


Photos: Brandon Herbert




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