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Skateparks: Murph Pair Skatepark
Location: Prairie Grove, AR

If you ever find yourself driving on Highway 62 from Fayetteville to Tahlequah or vise versa, you may pass the small town of Prairie Grove, where you would not think this town could have the population to sustain a skate scene... and you were right! Except, the still have a skatepark. ARC (American Ramp Company) convinced another small town in Arkansas to purchase a series of metal pre-fabricated ramps to slab on a slab in the middle of town.

Photos: Brandon Herbert

The layout is as you would expect from a prefab park. One feature that this park has that some are lacking is lights! Well, one light. Still, it is better than nothing. The skatepark is conveniently located near a water park, so summer sessions may lead you there after you burn your face on the mini ramp, like one particular writer has done. Nonetheless, Having a skatepark in every town is great. Lets just do a better job at informing our cities that concrete is the best skate surface. Until then, Skate this and don't fall or you are subject to peeling your skin off of the scalding metal.

-Brandon Herbert




Fayetteville, AR

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