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Skateparks: Gentry City Skatepark
Location: Gentry, AR

It is true that every city needs a skatepark. Gentry is a recipient of just that. This skatepark was lucky enough to be made with concrete rather than the trend of small town skateparks catching the metal prefab bug. They must have realized that the shelf life of a concrete park exceeds that of a metal park.

Photos: Juan Jose Perez Bejar & Alex Olsen

Gentry Skatepark was not designed by a skatepark builder, rather a local contractor. With that said, Some things in the park aren't really skater friendly, such as expansion joints in the concrete similar to what you would find on a sidewalk or a pump bump section that a skateboard could almost high-center on. But hey, Its a skatepark in a city that didn't have a skatepark before and I'm sure that the skate community is very greatful to have.

Photos: Juan Jose Perez Bejar & Alex Olsen




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