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New Product: Crypt Cage DSLR Support System

Photos by Quentin Daniel

For many years, Skateboard filmers have been apprehensive of turning over to the dark side. The Sony VX1000 was a staple of skateboard filming and always will be. Panasonic DVX100 has wonderful colors and is very cost effective to own. So when skating started moving towards HD, the average filmer had three options: Keep dropping money on tapes and repairs, Step up and drop a few grand on something like a Panasonic HVX200 or scale down to a DSLR. When you take the route of the DSLR as a skateboard or even an action sports filmer, the first thought is: This thing needs a handle. This is where, newly founded, Crypt, comes in with the Cage DSLR Support System.


So the first thing you will say to yourself is: It looks like some dude made this. Well, it was. This product is made by skateboarders, specifically designed to fit the needs of someone trying to capture skateboarding or any action sports. The Cage is constructed of lightweight aluminum, stainless steel hardware and light rubber handles putting this support system at an astonishing 3.1lbs!

Crypt is very conscious of the fact that not everyone uses the same camera. We have tested the Cage on many different DSLR's ensuring that the size is just as manageable for a small bodied camera as it would be for a larger sized body. The Cage is unique in itself due to its five handles, more than any other on the market. This allows the user to have multiple points of stabilization while creating additional protection with encompassing design.


To make this strong and stable design even better, the top rail hold two heavy duty cold shoe mounts to secure video accessories such as a light or a condenser microphone. The bottom plate has 4 positions for mounting the 1/4-20 thumb screw and rubber support based on the size and shape of your camera. The rubber support adds shock support for the rigidity of the frame and allows you to get a snug lock with the low profile 1/4-20 thumb screw underneath the frame.

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Weight: 3.1 lbs.
Outside Dimensions: 8in x 10in x 6in
Inside Dimensions: 7in x 8in x 6in
Country of Manufacture: USA










Fayetteville, AR

Springdale, AR

Fort Smith, AR

Little Rock, AR


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