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Welcome Everybody!

    I'm glad to present to the internets. It took us arky's to round up enough of the green stuff to pay the governedment, but we sure did it! We are hoping to give these arkansas kids something to check out: what us locals are doing with our plywood flipsticks. Here you will find arkansas skateboarding in every aspect: from whats happening at all the rad shops in the ozarks to the newest DIY spots that dedicated skaters build. From Filmers' current projects, to skate photographers' recent photos covering events, or rippers killing spots.

    I, personally, have skated this state for many years. I've seen it through its ups and downs. Skate parks die, shops erected, skaters come n go. I'd like to see every skater I used to see, skate again. I'd like to see every spot thats busted, revived and skating again. The Arkansas skateboarding scene has the "something" that some areas don't have: room for growth. Let's grow into what everyone wants, RAD SKATING!

    For a long time, Arkansas has needed a place for skaters of all walks of life to view, discuss and contribute to whats happening in our state. So here it is. Take it for what it is. Make it rad, come over and be a part of arkansas skateboarding! We will be right here to cover, discuss and contribute to the scene just the same. has big plans to give back to you guys, who have been the skeleton of the scene for years. It is now time to connect. Lets get this engine turnin!!!

    See you around,
         Brandon Herbert





Fayetteville, AR

Fort Smith, AR

Rogers, AR


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