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Hermann's Hole Skatefest 4: Enter The Vortex

Photos by Nicolas Gibson & Coburn Huff
Text by Brandon Herbert

DIY skate projects are a thing of human excellence because they wouldn't exist in this world today without the dedication and hard work of the people who put their blood, sweat and beers into the concrete skated upon. Hermann's Hole is a perfect example of that. Every year, KHVT hosts SkateFest which is the celebration of just that. And if there's an event like this happening in the midwest, you can bet Gnarkansas will be there.

This year, there was more in attendance than any year prior. Over 200 people showed up and donated more than $1,800 to the cause. When you say you are going to the most secluded DIY skate zone in the midwest, your bound to get your skate homies jealous enough to pack up and come along. This seems to be the growing trend behind SkateFest and you'll find every type of skater there. Hesh to Fresh, Grom to Killer, everyone was there.

Hermann's Hole has gone through many additions in the last year. Since last SkateFest, The park has almost doubled in size. The biggest spectacle was to watch the 'Master of Crete', Soup, reset all the pool block in the bowl, working two days straight, no sleep, after the rising of the bowl due to a storm earlier in the season. The bowl competition would have happened without that man. THANKS SOUP! With numerous plans for expansion the park doesn't look like its loosing momentum either, especially with the help of No Coast Skateshop and the guys behind Kings Highway, a under-bridge project in St. Louis. But needless to say, the hole is looking good these days.

The events included the traditional Bowl Competition, Mini Bowl Comp and the first ever Best Street Session in the new section heading down from the deck where many bands rocked skaters faces off with acts such as, Left Holding The Gun, Well, Well, Well, Pizza Party Massacre and more. But SkateFest is not just a competition. From Mini-Bowl Races to the dreaded Hill Bomb Challenge with active guillotine kept the crowds busy. The Slip n' Slide was flowing all day although got rough after a while of working its way into the hillside. The Hill Bomb Challenge was by far the roughest to watch.

Obviously, everyone was ready to see the bowl comp. There's something to be said about a few killers going for it in a bowl with tons of people around screaming and throwing beers to no extent. So many tricks went down it was hard to keep track of the madness. But some were just too hard to forget: Elise-Over Deathbox run, Keith-Dog pisser head high and Deaf Brandon-Rock Kickflip out. It was insane.Grom to Shredder, everyone was there.

In short, SkateFest 2012 was a complete success. Thanks to Pabst for sponsoring such a core skateboarding event. Skateboarders truly care for you. Thanks to JP for having us and thanks to KHVT for hosting the raddest skate party in the midwest. After the party, Gnarkansas headed to Kings Highway to see the new stuff the guys have got done and it was amazing.

Every bit of Kings Highway is at risk of removal due to the deteriorating bridge above. No Coast Skateshop is currently working on a permanent skatepark in St. Louis. So before the bridge goes, we had to make sure and rip it while we could. We wrapped the trip up with a stop at Chris & Michelle's of Show Me Pools for a quickie in their backyard "Good Egg". Thanks for having us everybody, We'll see ya next year...



Springdale, AR

Fort Smith, AR

Little Rock, AR


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