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Skatefest 3: The Photos
Photos by Nicolas Gibson

  • The Casbah
  • First Night at Hermann's Hole
  • Coburn Huff gettin all tele-artsy
  • "Im gonna sleep here for a couple hours..."
  • The Hole
  • Dalton Lien to tail
  • Zack skated barefoot most of the day
  • Fireworks!
  • Layback Zack Attack
  • Fayetteville's Well, Well, Well...
  • Award for Best Slam
  • Billy, Lynch and Michelle talkin crete
  • Jesse: Master Carpenter
  • What to expect next...
  • Pool light in the next pour
  • Jesse in the skate barn
  • Brandon Crailturn on the Vertwall
  • Chris Lynch from ShowMePools St. Louis
  • Nate makin it look easy
  • Filmin in Mudboots
  • Juice killin'
  • Coburn finds a frog
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3


The Photos from This years Skatefest displayed the amount of fun that can happen in one weekend. Bad weather or not, The Gnarkansas crew made it a mission to skate as hard as possible while at Hermann's Hole. I mean, When you get to skate something that rad once or twice a year, you gotta make every waking/sober moment count. Nick Gibson never fails to capture the essence of the trip when the cameras in his hand.




Fayetteville, AR


© 2011

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