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Hermann's Hole - "Skatefest 3"

So for those of you who don't know, Hermann, Missouri is a small town with a quaint population near the St. Louis area. Little do the residents of this small town know that miles down some county roads lies one of the most creative, gnarly, skater-built, owned and operated skatepark in all of the midwest: Hermann's Hole.

Some Arkansas skate heads had the privilege of skating this epic piece of skate art. JP, Headmaster of the estate, has begun the tradition of Skatefest, an all out skate-till-you-drop shred session lasting all weekend. JP hasn't done it alone. With the help of many workers involved in the Kings Highway Project have been involved in the construction and creation of the Hermann's Hole legend.

If you so decide to venture to Hermann on May 13th-15th, you will have a chance to skate and watch some of the sickest skaters in the midwest tear up this epic skate monument. There will be food(but bring your own), there will be partyin(but bring your own) and there will be mayhem(better bring that too).

Live music will be a part of the event as well, with Fayetteville's, Well, Well Well... traveling there to provide some skate punk jams for an evening. Camping is allowed and it 20 bucks for the weekend. A sweet deal, considering your money will go directly into making Hermann's Hole even more sick.

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