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4th Annual Hermann's Hole Skate Fest

Another year of Hermann madness is upon us with the 4th Annual Hermann's Hole Skate Fest and Bowl Contest. Every year, Gnarkansas makes their way to Hermann, Missouri to take part in one of the largest DIY projects in the midwest.

This year could be one of the biggest yet. With tons of sponsors and 9 bands on the list and counting, We're expecting a large turn out. The one thing to be said about Skate Fest is that it never fails to be every skater's dream weekend. In a place where concrete and cheap beer flow like wine, you will feel like you aren't ever leaving, and that's "The Vortex".

To see what's new on site, check out the Hermann's Hole Blogspot. Also, see what's new at Kings Highway visit and watch STL do it big. Always pumped to work with midwest homies and you can guarantee that Gnarkansas will be there with shovels in hand. So in short, Come out, take your fairie shoes off and strap on your gnar boots.

Check out Gnarkansas' coverage of last years Skatefest...









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