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Skatefest 3 - Episode 3: The Pour

Photo: Nick Gibson

This was, by far, the most epic part of this years Skatefest 3. All weekend, there were discussion over how this section of the pour was going to be layed out. Over much deliberation and many many cases of the beast, it was really decided by the rebar, which shaped the hump and brought the vision of what the shape would be. Billy & Andy from Who Skates, Lynch & Michelle from ShowMePools , and the legendary Soup are just some concrete experts on site to help the process move along. They Werent alone, The Gnarkansas camp put their knuckles to the dirt and aided in every step.

From dirt work to rebar, proper drainage to keeping the area dry, there was a lot to do before the concrete truck arrived. All this was done days prior. The come 8am monday morning, The truck driver monsters his way down the treacherous dirt road leading to Hermann's Hole. Once the truck was in place, it was time to grab shovels and start throwin crete.

In Episode 3 of Skatefest 3 Coverage, The Concrete is a flowin! You get to witness this epic pour from start to finish in Episode 3: The Pour...

Filmed & Edited by
Nick Gibson

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