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Skatefest 3 - Episode 2: Bowl Comp

Photo: Nick Gibson

The Bowl is the highlight and the beginning to Hermann's Hole. JP and the guys from KHVT and ShowMePools are just a few names die-hard concrete fiends who have helped create this beauty of a built-to-skate pool. There nothing like grinding pool block and if you're at Hermann's Hole, you will get your pick of almost every type of pool block there is to grind. But all in all, the bowl is where it all started.

This year, the bowl comp offered the season veterans of the hole, as well as some distant relatives of the land, shredding till the clock stopped, or at least until the bullhorn sounded. The occasional rain didn't stop the comp from going down and from the second the whistle blew, tricks went down.

In Episode 2 of Skatefest 3 Coverage, its all about the bowl comp. With so many rippers on deck, there's not one second to spare. The camera did not stop rolling. From Jeff's mile long backside melon to Zack's barefoot runs, the competition was heated from start to finish in Episode 2: Bowl Comp... - Skatefest Ep. 2: Bowl Comp from Gnarkansas on Vimeo.
Music Credit: Slayer - "Seasons in the Abyss"

Skaters in order of appearance: Dalton, Mannie, Scott, Jeff, Zack.

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