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Skatefest 3 - Episode 1: The Madness

Photo: Nick Gibson

THE WAIT IS OVER! Well not quite. This is Skatefest 3 - Episode 1: The Madness. Gnarkansas's trip to Hermann, MO for KHVT's Skatefest 3 was nothing short of chaos. With the Arkansas Casbah atop of the gentle steed, we call the Isuzu Rodeo and we're off, 5 deep and enough film/photography gear to give National Geographic a woody.

6 hours later and a couple of poisoned gas station tornados and we arrive in Hermann, Missouri, a hour and a half west of St. Louis. With weather predictions against the event, attitudes were just as we predicted on the way up: "Blow torches are out, we're skatin!". Rain, Mud, Beer, Blood: Skatefest 3 was a 4-day long skatecation set up for you to do nothing more than skate, drink, eat, skate, eat, drink, skate then sleep...if you get a chance.

In Episode 1 of Skatefest 3 Coverage, we get right to it. These are the highlights of some of the skating that went down over our luxurious stay in the mud-covered vortex. And by all means not ALL of it, we had 10 tapes full of footage to sort through because there was so much madness to capture. Scott, Jeff, Zack, Zack(KC), Nick, Dalt, Andy, just to name a few of the rippers that we caught in the act in Episode 1: The Madness...

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