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Updated Design for Skatepark in Mountain View, AR


Courtesy of Native Skateparks

We want to give you all a heads up that we will be posting many updates in the future for the skatepark project in Mountain View, Arkansas currently being designed by Native Skateparks, the contractor made it mark in the midwest with parks such as Poteau, Sand Springs and Owasso City Skateparks as well as many more in and around the area. The E.A.S.T. program at Mountain View High School has allowed the team to develop a website for the project, Click Here to visit the site and follow their progress.

Are we ready for more skateparks in Arkansas? YES WE ARE! We all need to support this project. Not only are we adding another skate facility in our state, we are getting Native's first skatepark in Arkansas. Major steps must be taken to get the amount of skateparks in our state to rise. Kanis is doing great work right now, which we will be covering more of very soon.

NOTE: This design is still in preliminary phases. It is subject to change/modify as the project progresses. Lucky for us Gnarkansas gets our local scene every story we can on skateboarding in our area. We thank Native for their continuous support and cooperation in this project. Stay tuned to for more updates on this project.








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