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Every Year, Kanis Bash gets bigger and better. 2011 was no different. This years Bash commemorated the newly constructed spine/hip, which was a continuation of the jersey barrier wall. That made for some new tricks to be done. The pour turned out great, with the exception of some inventive wording, delicately placed by a stick, in one of the tranny walls. None the less it was very nice to skate, not to mention the annual scrub-down the bowl got to seal the deal for another epic bowl bash.

Alot a people showed up to skate, donate, support music, or merely witness the radness that is Kanis Bash. Between all the heckling and over 10 bands playing throughout the day, there was rarely a silent moment. From Fayetteville, Arkansas to LaFayette, Louisiana, Skaters from all over came to show support for the largest DIY park that Arkansas has to offer. Daniel Haney and the guys from Enjoy were there with a merch table showing off the goods, such as the new Dream Skateboards graphic, out now. Check out the Enjoy Life's Blog from some pics of the event.

Music has always been a part of the bowl bash. From the abstract hip hop performance by 9th Scientist to the punk stylings of Well, Well, Well... music evolving constantly. After Obie recited some raps about Matt Clark, he suggested that bands move to the bowl, and they did. The jams fueled the tempo of the bowl bash. Repeat Offenders was one of the bands that graced us with there skate fuel, Bowl-side. A drum set wouldn't stop tricks going down. From Steve nosepickin in to the bowl to Brad's air-to-drum solo, it was non stop skate till your legs gave out on you.

After the bash, a few of us went to Will Ehrle's flat to enjoy a glass of wine and some fine cigars. A little dinner and dancing to cap of the night as another classy night in Little Rock. Check it out, A Day In Gnarkansas: Kanis Bash...

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