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photo courtesy: Stole it from Faceboock

That's right, round up the crew and head to Little Rock, May 7th for the 2011 Kanis Bash. Every year, The Kanis Project contributors throw down crete, beer, crete, food, crete, music...did I mention crete? Concrete, fools! But you can help, Donate whatever you can, 5 bucks, 20 bucks...a couple grand??? And hell, If you're worried about where your money is going, just bring bags of quikrete! I guarantee they with be put to use that very day. Beer is also an acceptable form of currency. Oh and, Don't forget your skateboard.

When & Where:

Saturday May 7th, 2011
Kanis Park Project
Take HWY 630 to S Rodney Parham Rd


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Fayetteville, AR

Fort Smith, AR

Rogers, AR


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