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Photos by Nick Gibson
Text by Brandon Herbert

“Rain or Shine” is a term usually thrown around outdoor events in Arkansas. This meant nothing to all of the skaters in route to Little Rock, Arkansas for Kanis Bash 2015. Honestly, I've never seen so many people at the park. The masses flooded in from every direction to witness all of the recent concrete work that has gone down over this last year.

I've said it before but it always holds true: Every Year, Kanis Bash gets bigger and better. 2015 was no different. Although the forecast wasn't in favor of the weekend, the troops kept coming in. Luckily, the rain held off enough on Saturday to let the bash go uninterrupted, at least for the majority of the day. Skaters from all over the midwest came to show support for the largest DIY park in Arkansas.

The turnout was really something to mention. Many of us Kanis Bash Veterans noted how crazy it was to see so many heads that we've never seen before. There was plenty of activities to keep anyone busy. The bowl session was just as heated as ever. The new transition section was the real hit, so many wanted to get there wheels across the custom pool block. And if you weren't skating, you could check out the pop up tents with randoms grabs from local skate brands, pick up some grub or snatch up goodies like newly released "Time Well Wasted" skate video which premiered at Gallery 360 after the bash.

Many folks showed up both Friday and Saturday, which proved to be a good thing, if you were trying to get lines in the new section. It was a heated session once the masses arrived. So many hammers went down it was hard to keep track. Needless to say, my throat was sore from all of the hootin and hollerin. After the rain hit, many headed towards the secret indoor spot to finish out the evening.

All in all, another Kanis Bash down in the record books. If you haven't make your way down to that way to show the Kanis Guys your appreciation, it is a must. What they and the City of Little Rock has achieved for Arkansas Skateboarding is truly epic. For more information visit their Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram at @kanispark. See you next year...

Photos: Nick Gibson









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