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National Go Skate Day 2016 Coverage

Photos by JJ Perez
Text by Zach King

As most of you probably know, June 21st is Go Skate Day and in celebration of this holy day, Gnarkansas, The pAth and Boardertown organized a session at the Eureka Springs bowl. And like pilgrims flocking to Mecca, the skaters came to show their reverence to the wooden plank and to worship at the altar of friendship.

By the time I had arrived at the bowl myself, there was a heated session (literally, it was like 96 degrees) going on already and spirits were high. I was surprised at how many people showed up considering it was two o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon but there were lots of skaters and spectators. I remember hearing a worthy disciple of the wooden plank proclaim, “I called into work to be here!” A decision he did not regret, I’m sure.

Although it was a session centered on fun, that doesn’t mean people weren’t doing some serious maneuvers. Cole Duncan was on a war-path it seemed, boosting backside ollies and alley-oop frontside airs well above our heads. Anthony Devaldizar showed up a little late but did some of the gnarliest tricks of the day, all first try and in the same runs. His consistency, fluidity and originality are likely the objects of many skaters envy. Or maybe I’m just speaking for myself… Brandon was there hooking it up with Gnarkansas decks for people getting tricks too, so there was a little extra incentive for people to get some. Needless to say, the pilgrims did not disappoint.

One thing that I noticed that day was the diversity of everyone in attendance. People from all backgrounds and walks of life hanging out and having a good time together reminded me of how communal skating is, which is something to rejoice over. It’s not just about getting some rad tricks, but also about going out of town with your friends and having FUN. And that’s why we celebrate Go Skate Day.

-Zach King

Photos by JJ Perez









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