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Dump n Grind Fundraiser at Smoke and Barrel

Fayetteville, Arkansas is a few steps away from being the home of an all DIY concrete full mini ramp. The Dump n Grind has been going on for a number of years now, headed up by Mark Landry and connected on with the home of Jesse Finical, not to mention help from all the Gnarkansas extended family.

The outdoor ramp has had many changes troughout the years mostly in scrap wood. But slowly the ramp has been replaced with concrete additions to where now the only part left to pour is the south wall which is why the Dump n Grind needs your help. The Goal, All Concrete! Crete The World! Everyone loves DIY and we're ready to give the Dump n Grind some crete, crete love by the truckload!

So come out to Smoke n Barrel to watch Thunderlizards and Taifas bust some eardrums for the cause. Bring your change jar, drop a dollar, $5? $20? Hey, the numbers dont stop there, donate as much as your heart desires :) See you there.

Donate to The Dump n Grind Fundraiser
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Here's some clips of the famous Dump n Grind over the last year...








Fayetteville, AR

Fort Smith, AR

Rogers, AR


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