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Divagaciones en Tejas
(Meanderings in Texas)

Text by Zach King
Photo by Nick Gibson

Sometimes you feel like you need to get out of wherever you are and experience some new stuff.  That was the case for me, though I can't speak for the rest, when we hopped in the Boardertown van and hit the road to Texas.  The plan was to stop in Dallas, stay a few days in Austin and then visit our long-lost buddy and FYC captain, Michael Hawkins, in College Station. That was the plan anyway.

Day 1 - Dallas,TX


We stopped at Hardee's in Fort Smith before split town in search of the truth, and skateboarding.  Mostly skateboarding though.  We left early in the morning.  A boring drive, aside from the engine knocks and buffalo statues, we made it to our first stop early in the afternoon.  It was the Allen skatepark and it was full of crazy scooter kids.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the park besides the sweltering heat and, of course, scooter kids.  They were everywhere, criss-crossing every which way and doing flyouts from every quarterpipe in the park.  To top it off, everytime they'd flyout, they'd swing these God-forsaken things around their heads, like little metal tornados, with no discretion for the lives around them.  Besides that, the bowls were pretty fun.

Next stop was the newly built McKinney skatepark.  If you're ever near Dallas, go here.  This park is amazing.  Everything is super smooth with all kinds of variety: hubbas big and small, bowls, a snake run thingy, fun dips and bumps, all kinds of rails, I could go on.  But it's all there and quality-made.  McKinney knew what they were doing, or at least hired someone who did.  Unfortunately, we got rained out here but it could have been there or we would have ended up there all night.  We ended up getting some Mexican food and Taylor ate a handful of jalapeno's at once.  Ouch

After the jalapeno's, we went into Dallas and skated around downtown.  Downtown was mostly uneventful other than a wanderer wanting to bum a smoke and a lighter, as they often do.  Said wanderer then proceed to call everyone "Brother Bill" and talked to us about grinding while Rabbit gotta trick.  Sweet.  Oh yeah, and Jason ollied in front of train.   After all of that, we headed a little ways outside of town and got a hotel.  Nick and Rabbit went through the lobby while Jason, Taylor and I went around the back to avoid the charge for extra people.  When our trio arrived to our floor, we see Nick and Rabbit at the other end of the hall, laughing.  It struck us as odd but we carried on to the room.  We got to the room and opened to the door.  Much to our surprise and Rabbit and Nick's amusement, the room was already occupied by a fellow watching TV.  For a confused second we looked at each other, he screamed "What the fuck?!" and we walked outta the room.  No words exchanged.  Apparently Nick and Rabbit had also intruded on the unsuspecting guest just before we did and thought it'd be funny to spectate as we followed suite.  Hotels make mistakes sometimes too. 


Day 2 - Pflugerville and Austin, TX


First of all, Pflugerville is a very odd name.  Where'd they get that?  It was probably an old, rich dude's name and they just stuck "-ville" on the end of it, it happens.  But I digress.  We woke up to catch free breakfast where we ate waffles in the shape of Texas and took all their oranges, on to the Pflugerville park.  If you're a tranny enthusiast (not the kind you'd find in the back of a Penthouse, I mean ramps), this is a must-stop.  Everything is super smooth and flows well with something for everyone to skate.  Once we had our fill of cooking in the Texas heat, we got some food right outside of Austin.  Bori's was the place, an Italian joint.  The food was delicious and our waitress was friendly, she was what some would call a "looker".  She even let us put our warm beer in the restaurants fridge while we ate, a truly gracious host.  "It's funny what people will do if ya just ask", Jason said about it, which is obviously quite true.  

Austin, our long awaited and highly anticipated destination, came after the Italian food.  We met up with a Tum Yeto rep named Matt at the House skatepark in downtown Austin, where he bestowed such gifts upon us as strange chia-seed gel-concoctions and shoes.  He took us to some rad ditch spots, which were lots of fun and equally challenging to skate.  One of the spots we recognized from a few skate videos and that thing is gnarly!  Gives me a new appreciation for the tricks done on it.

We were going to check out some more spots but Matt ended up having to split.  So we thanked him, said goodbye and had a session at the Mabel Davis skatepark.  There wasn't a whole lot to it other than a large bowl with pool block.  That thing was pretty fun but could be menacing.  Eventually, everyone got hungry so we got some Wendy's and began looking for a hotel before it got too late.  The first place we stopped at ended up being a hundred bucks a night and, as I said earlier, being penny-pinchers, that was much too expensive.  Instead of getting a cheaper place, we somehow came to the conclusion of leaving Austin and heading for College Station.  Had it been up to me, we would have stayed in Austin and slept in the van if that's what it came to.  But it was not up to me and much to my dismay, and much everyone's, we traveled north to College Station.  Although I'm not sure what prompted the decision, I believe it had something to do with money, comfort and spirits (not the booze spirits).  We did get some of the booze-type spirits and left Austin.  The driver did not drink of course. 

Day 3 - College Station, TX


Upon arrival, we were greeted by the famous Michael Hawkins and more spirits.  Lone Star to be exact, quite appropriate I'd say.  The day in College Station was pretty slow and uneventful.  We ate some pizza, hung out at the skatepark for a bit and then checked out the A&M campus for some spots.  The campus had a few spots to offer but the absence of wax on any of the benches made us assume that there wasn't much of a skate presence in the town.  We did find one waxed ledge but campus police just happened to be chilling right by it so that was a no-go.  There were also some sweet handrails but everyone was feeling the effects of living in a van and skating every day in the sun and opted not to skate them, which is a pretty good excuse but they were pretty scary too. 

Eventually everyone gave up skating in favor hot food, cold beverage and reminiscing with our long-lost friend.  We continued in this fashion until late-night, early-morning when everyone crashed to get a few hours of sleep before hopping in the van bright and early to make the trek back to Arkansas with another slightly successful trip under our belts.  Big thanks to Nick and Boardertown for making it all happen! 


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