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Boardertown on a Higher Level: Skatepark gets a Modern Makeover

Photo: Nick Gibson

You love your girlfriend. She looks good everyday, in any situation. But when she gets that new outfit and you can't help but scream, "DAMN GIRL!" while shes struttin her stuff in her smokin' hot get-up. Well, Boardertown Skateshop & Skatepark gots a new dress, and she's struttin her stuff. The guys at Boardertown linked up with Higher Level Art, an Art Collective based out of Cincinnati, and they came to the industrial city of Fort Smith, Arkansas to turn this already epic skatepark into a thing of pure feeling.

Photos: Nick Gibson

Danny Babcock, of Cincinnati, headed up the project but but by no means did this alone. Even with his 10 years plus experience in the art industry isn't enough to pull off something on such a large scale in such a short amount of time. With Danny was business partner Matthew Dayler of Toronto, Canada, Robby Burgess of Louisville, Kentucky and Doug Curtis of Toledo, Ohio. Within one week, they were able to tranform the room into an absolute place of expression.

Photo: Nick Gibson

HLA covered almost every vertical area in the park with paint. From hundreds of aerosol cans to a truck load of latex paint, it was no easy task finishing this in the time that they did. Every member in the group were assigned to their areas as expertise, enabling them to create the best possible outcome. While one would be plotting out a piece on one wall, another would be placing final touches on the large portraits found around the park. Using so many different mediums for concept to creation, it was truly a spectacle to see unravel.

Photos: Nick Gibson

Danny described how one of the best things about coming into this project was that the guys from Boardertown had so much faith in them, they let us do whatever they wanted. This allowed them to have an open canvas to do thier magic. And magic is was when you see the amount of detail inside of every wall.

Photos: Nick Gibson

There is so much to observe that there was no way to examine every piece in one visit. Everyone was blown away by what Higher Level was able to pull off. Even us at Gnarkansas, considering that, Matthew Dayler painted a self portrait of himself holding a Gnarkansas Slime deck. We couldn't thank you guys enough for what you guys have given, not only us, but this state. Thanks guys!

Photos: Nick Gibson

See more of HLA at and go check out what's new with Boardertown at Be on the look out for a collaboration with Higher Level Art & Gnarkansas ;)









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