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Bentonville Skate/BMX Park Renovation on


The people of Bentonville, AR are moving their efforts towards remodeling their skatepark and moving it into the modern age. The person driving these efforts is Robert Kell of Disturbed Skateshop. We spoke with Robert about his recent Kickstarter fundraiser. Click here on the image above and donate to their noble cause. So talk to me about the overall goal of the fundraiser?

Robert Kell: To get the kids active and occupied. I grew up in state and I understand the kids here. If you don't keep them occupied they will go to other things. Really, It's a matter of getting the funding at this point.

Gnar: What's the amount needed and funds raised as of now?

Kell: The Kickstarter goal is $250,000.00. We got to this number talking to Team Pain and Arvada City Project Manager who helped design their park. We want a park that challenges all levels. Being in Arkansas, There is an influx of east coast and west coast. West coast are used to vert skating, street skating on the east. We want a park that is diverse, for skaters and biker alike. At this moment, Around $1,000 has been raised.

Gnar: You spoke of Team Pain, Any other skatepark builders in mind?

Kell: Team Pain, Site Design Group and Wally Holiday mainly. It all depends on budget. We don't want to have a park, where 10 to 15 years, we are in the same boat we are now. When you have a name like team pain, you don't have to beg pros to come to a demo, they know its quality.

Gnar: How was the City responded to the proposal?

Kell: The city is all for it. They know it's an eye sore and outdated. To get them on board is difficult in a situation where you won't make money. But they are starting to see this as an investment with the quality that comes from the park. I am persistent. I've been in touch with David Wright, heavily involved with the parks department and Tom Walton, a huge part of the local bike trails, about the matter.

Gnar: What about the community response?

Kell: When you're the only skate shop in a town, They look at you as: what can you do for us? The skatepark is falling apart so they look at me. I've been skating for 30 years. I'm a big advocate of keeping kids skating. When they really see the vision, They want to get involved. One kid said, if they have an idea and it becomes a reality, they feel a part of the park.

Gnar: Where would you like to see Arkansas skateboarding in the next 10 years?

Kell: I would love to see someone out of Arkansas go to an event like Street League or X Games. If you don't have the resources, you can't go far and that's our problem. Just like academics, if you don't have the resources, you have a limit at what you can learn. We need to build those facilities for that growth.


Check out the account and donate today. They don't have very long to raise the money so lets get them this skatepark so all of Northwest Arkansas can enjoy it.









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