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Chase Hughes April Cover on Gnarkansas

Always and forever, Boardertown Skateshop & Skatepark holds it down for some of the most active skaters in the area. Chase Hughes is out in the field with photographer and everyday rad dude, Nick Gibson, snapping this dippy kickflip that you might want to take a closer look at...See The Photo.

added 4/5/17


Go Skate Day 2016 Coverage

Well it went down. Go Skate Day 2016 was a huge success for Gnarkansas. We had a rad crew out with us and tricks went down! Not to mention our skate day moved right into a takeover of a local swimming hole. All had a blast and we were so thankful to be in the presence of such humble dudes. Can't wait for next year, however it will be hard to top this one...Read More.

added 7/2/16


Go Skate Day 2016 - Eureka Springs, AR

This year we wanted to do something a little different. We love Eureka Springs and jump at any chance we can get to go and skate there. SO with that in mind, all of us at Gnarkansas, along with pAth Outfitters and Boardertown Skateshop, decided to host National Go Skateboarding Day at the Skatepark at Harmon Park in Eureka...Read More.

added 6/2/16

mvsp update title

Updated Design for Skatepark in Mountain View, AR

Are we ready for more skateparks in Arkansas? YES WE ARE! We all need to support this project. Not only are we adding another skate facility in our state, we are getting Native's first skatepark in Arkansas. Major steps must be taken to get the amount of skateparks in our state to rise...Read More.

added 5/20/16

Tyler Freeman May Cover on Gnarkansas

Boardertown Skateshop & Skatepark is always cranking out great skaters but some truly stand out. Tyler Freeman is a beast. This guy can flip in and flip out of almost anything. But don't let that fool you into thinking he can't get burly as well...See The Photo.

added 5/17/16

mvsp title

New Skatepark Plans for Mountain View, AR

This a project that Gnarkansas has been a part of for a long time now and we are very happy to bring this to the public. Click to read more about this special skatepark project...Read More.

added 5/11/16


Slime 3.0 Available Now

New colors on the front! Quality under your feet while supporting Arkansas' longest running skateboard brand, and we are proud to serve our skate community. Find them ,along with other Gnarkansas product, at your local skateshop...See More.

added 5/11/16


Gnarkansas x Nitro Circus Little Rock Ticket Giveaway

Here is your chance to get in on the action at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 16th for Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Tour. Gnarkansas is going to give you and 3 of your friends or family the chance to WIN 4 FREE TICKETS!...Read More.

added 3/9/16

Favorite 10 featuring Shawn Rogers

Behind all the rad photos on Gnarkansas, are the photographers that strive to capture the essence of what skating around here is all about. This time around, We chose Fort Smith Photographer and Boardertown's 2nd-in-Command, Shawn Rogers... See the photos.

added 1/6/15

Nick Gibson December Cover on Gnarkansas

Bro Style came through recently with TransWorld SKATEboarding Editor-In-Chief, Jamie Owens and of course they couldn't leave Arkansas without snaggin a sick photo of our one and only, Nick Gibson for this month's cover photo...See The Photo.

added 12/15/15

Skate Video Quality: The VX1000 vs. Every Other Camera

In this editorial, Brandon Herbert investigates the most influential camcorder in skateboarding history, The Sony DCR-VX1000. This one may ruffle some feathers but, hey, that's what we like to do around here...Read More.

added 12/15/15

Kanis Bash 2015

“Rain or Shine” is a term usually thrown around outdoor events in Arkansas. This meant nothing to all of the skaters in route to Little Rock, Arkansas for Kanis Bash 2015. Honestly I've never seen so many people at the park...Read More.

added 5/25/15

Andrew Williams at Kanis Bash May Cover on Gnarkansas

Kanis Bash was a huge success and the proof is in the pudding with this massive poker from Andrew Williams for this month's cover photo...See The Photo.

added 5/25/15

Blake Brown June Cover on Gnarkansas

THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF GNARKANSAS! Blake Brown gets back to back 2013 and 2014 June Cover shot for June must be your lucky month my brotha...See The Photo.

added 6/4/14

New Zine: Between The Times Released!

Zach King and Jason Meadows' new zine Between The Times hits shelves of The Skate Station(FAY) and Boardertown(FSM) this week and readers are stoked! Pick up a copy yourself, only 2 bucks to keep these dude doing thi? ...Deal.

added 1/25/13

Gnarkansas Times: Thursday January 2, 2014

Our newspaper took physical form! Watch the video series, "Gnarkansas Times" only on to see what's going on in our neck of the woods. Check out the newest edition of Gnarkansas Times. Pick up a copy of Gnarkansas Times only at The Skate Station in Fayetteville, AR.


added 1/2/14

Gnarkansas Times: Monday 29, 2013

Our online newspaper and video series, "Gnarkansas Times" is back with articles about what's going on in our neck of the woods along with video content that you cant miss. Check out the newest edition of Gnarkansas Times.


added 10/5/13

Light Up The Skatepark at Walker Skatepark

Gnarkansans, Get ready for this. You have never seen anything like this, probably because noone has ever done anything like this before now. Boardertown Skateshop and pAth Outfitters are teaming up with Gnarkansas and many others to bring you Light Up The Skatepark on September 28th, where we will light up Walker Park in Fayetteville, Arkansas with bright colors for you skating pleasure...Read More.


added 9/4/13

Ryan Galvan September Cover on Gnarkansas

Our old friends Ryan Galvan aka Brown Ron and Coburn Huff bring us a tasty photo from the great skate state of Oregon. Ron can crail his way around any situation and this shot proves it. Glad to have these guys back on the site...See The Photo.

added 9/4/13

Bentonville Skate/BMX Park Renovation on

The people of Bentonville, AR are moving their efforts towards remodeling their skatepark and moving it into the modern age. The person driving these efforts is Robert Kell of Disturbed Skateshop. We spoke with Robert about his recent Kickstarter fundraiser....Read More.

added 8/23/13

Divagaciones en Tejas (Meanderings in Texas)

Sometimes you feel like you need to get out of wherever you are and experience some new stuff.  That was the case for me, though I can't speak for the rest, when we hopped in the Boardertown van and hit the road to Texas...Read More.

added 8/20/13

Gnarkansas Times: Monday 29, 2013

Our mocumented Video Series, "Gnarkansas Times" platform has been revisited now with articles about what's going on in our neck of the woods along with video content. Check out the newest edition of Gnarkansas Times.

added 7/29/13

New Staff Writer: Zach King

Everyone, Let give a warm Gnarkansas welcome to the new staff writer, Zach King. Get yourself comfortable as this wordsmith molds you mind and conforms your thoughts into thinking Gnarkansas is actually cool...Read More.

added 6/12/13

Blake Brown June Cover on Gnarkansas

The time is here. Spring into Summer and it is time to skate. Blake Brown does just that while in Kansas City with Boardertown Skateshop for Street League 2013. Blake lofts a fat back lip into a quick swerve, dodging a dumpster... See The Photo.

added 6/12/13

New Product: Crypt Cage DSLR Support System

Gnarkansas is proud to support a product that is so instrumental to the skateboarding scene and being made right here in Arkansas. This support systems is perfect for anyone with a DSLR or small camcorder and would like to get a little more functionality and practical use when filming skateboarding... See More.

added 5/14/13

Gnarkansas 'Unnatural' Series Released

The hype is true. The Unnatural series is here and is going to cure you of your winter skate slumber. With 4 new shapes and graphics to choose from, your feet will thank you. Gnarkansas artist, Nick Shoulders, has blessed us with a graphics series that is sure to be a lasting classic... See Them All.

added 4/21/13

Jake Taylor April Cover on Gnarkansas

Getting back into the skate season seems difficult for some people. The things that would once be easy for you seem risky and you may lean towards "I'm takin' it easy" or "I'll try it next time". Not for this guy. Jake Taylor is back in the spotlight again making April's cover shot with this steezy switch tweaker down this 10 set... See The Photo.

added 4/12/13

4 New Stickers Available NOW!

NOW...We just want to apologize for the wait on this announcement, but the time is here. The enlarged "Naturally Gnar" in Black or White, "Rustic" and "University of Gnarkansas" will be available in shops near you! We encourage you to sticker up everything in your life.... See More.

added 3/28/13

New Accessories: Naturally Gnar Keychains and Skate Rat Koozies

They have finally arrived! The accessories that you know that you have been waiting for since you realized Gnarkansas was a real thing, keychains and koozies!!! The long-awaited "Naturally Gnar" Koozies and "Skate Rat" Keychains are the perfect gift for the skater and non-skater alike to show Gnarkansas pride.... See More.

added 3/13/13

Jamey Hogue February Cover on Gnarkansas

It's honestly the easiest thing in the world to convince Jamey Hogue to do something sick for a cover photo. The guy is like a computer: type in a command and he executes flawlessly. Check out Jamey with this huge fence hop... See The Photo.

added 2/12/13

Gnarkansas Skate Rat T-shirts

Are you tired of wearing everything your mom buys you from Pacsun? Well your first problem is, you live with your mom. Your second problem is that YOU DON'T HAVE A GNARKANSAS SHIRT! Check out the T-shirt...

added 1/9/13

Devon Leavall January Cover on Gnarkansas

You might not see him much but when Devon Leavall gets on board, you better believe he's stickin a trick or two. Since Boardertown Skatepark has been our winter weather refuge, we might as well mark January with a Boardertown cover photo... See The Photo.

added 1/9/13

Nick Gibson December Cover on Gnarkansas

As always, Nick Gibson takes home another month's cover shot with a massive frontside flip over this kinky handrail into a fresh painted green bank. This guy just can't turn the gnar level down... See The Photo.

added 12/1/12

OUTSIDER: An Exhibition of Works by MASER (IRE)

Irish Graffiti Artist, Maser, is gracing Fayetteville, Arkansas on November 29th with an Exhibition of his work at Studio 3 at 3 E. Mountain St. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed... Read more.

added 11/17/12

Jake Taylor gets the Cover of Gnarkansas

Boardertown has done alot for the area of Ft. Smith and Jake Taylor is proof. Check out Jake's massive beni hana at Woods High School. You won't be disappointed... See The Photo.

added 11/8/12

Hermann's Hole SkateFest 4: Enter The Vortex

SkateFest 2012 came and went so fast, We had to arrange another trip to the hole because we couldn't get enough! Click Here to read more about gnarkansas' adventure and see the photos that help tell the story...


added 6/28/12

New "Astrognar" Boards released!

They have landed. The three-eyed Astrognar is in orbit and exploding under the extreme pressure of you not riding one right now! Click Here to find out where to snatch one up...


added 5/21/12

Dump n Grind Fundraiser Show at Smoke & Barrel

It's the decade of DIY in the midwest and Fayetteville is up in the action. The Dump n Grind is completing the outdoor ramp with concrete and you can help by bangin your head and drinkin beer this Sunday... Read more.

added 4/30/12

Hermann's Hole SkateFest 4

Time for another round of SkateFest in Hermann, Missouri. Gnarkansas is always down to come and show respect the the massive complex JP and the guys have created. Come with us June 8th, 9th and 10th... Read more.

added 4/30/12

Kanis Bash Cinco De Mayo!

Kanis & Little Rock are killing it with the amount of local contribution they receive so don't let it stop there. Kanis Bash 2012 is upon us and its goin down on Cinco De Mayo! Come and shred or donate online... Read more.

added 4/30/12

Favorite 5 with Coburn Huff & Nick Gibson

Behind all rad photos are the photographers that strive to capture the essence of what skating is all about. We asked Coburn Huff and Nick Gibson to choose their personal favorites out of their collection and to tell us a little bit about them... See the photos.

added 3/4/12

Coburn Huff Art Show with Thunderlizards, Taifas and Well, Well, Well...

If you're in Fayetteville March 1st, stop by La La Land for a showcase from Gnarkansas Photographer, Coburn Huff... Read more.

added 2/21/12

Kanis Art Show - Downtown Little Rock

Make your way toward Downtown Little Rock on Friday, April 13th to support Arkansas' gnarliest DIY skatepark project. All money raised goes directly to more concrete at Kanis... Read more.

added 2/16/12

Gnarkansas "Skate Rat" Prints Available Soon

Nick Shoulders holds this company down with his sick artwork and soon you can take able to take a piece of this home with you... Read more.

added 2/2/12

Friday Fights at DaE Park: Friday Nights, Grand Prize Trip to Tampa Am

Best tricks contests Friday nights at Dream at Enjoy Park in North Little Rock. Cash Prizes monthly and winner of it all gets a trip to Tampa Am! You gotta check this out... Read more.

added 2/2/12

Boardertown on a Higher Level: Skatepark gets a Modern Makeover

How can you make a rad skatepark even more rad? You bring in Higher Level Art and let them go wild, and thats exactly what Boardertown did. Gnarkansas got to witness first hand how this whole project came to... Read the Article.

added 1/26/12

Gnarkansas Slime Decks and Commecial with Jamey Hogue

Represent Gnarkansas even harder with the new slime graphics. Three color waves to fit any Gnarkansasan's foot. With the release of these new boards, We manage to get Jamey Hogue out on the streets, back from his injury of last year. See the Ad & Commercial...

added 1/4/11

New Gnarkansas T-Shirts

Time to rep Gnarkansas hard with your choice of two new designs. Think of how many more chicks you can pick up while wearin one of these. Check them out...

added 12/26/11

Gnarkansas Christmas Giveaway WINNER - Jason Meadows

The contest has concluded and Jason Meadows comes out on his top with his rad artwork depicting skating in Arkansas. Read the article to see for yourself...

added 12/25/11

Gnarkansas Christmas Giveaway

We at Gnarkansas love Christmas. And what better way to celebrate than to embrace the spirit of giving. Got some Independent 139's for the the one who expresses there love of Gnarkansas the best...Read The Objectives.

added 12/11/11

Boardertown Does It Big!

Seems that Boardertown hits the headlines again. No Surprise. Here is three examples as to why Boardertown does it so big this holiday season...Read The Article.

added 12/20/11

Turkey Day Comp Series at Boardertown

There they go, Bein a rad skateshop again. Boardertown's hosting a big comp this week in honor of Thanksgiving. It is happening right now! Read More to find out the details. Read More...

added 11/22/11

Syndicate's "Get Tricks" Challenge

I don't know one person who wouldn't want a free Syndicate deck. So, get your buddies camera and get some tricks on film...Watch The Clip and Read The Objectives.

added 9/7/11

Skatefest 3 Episode 3: The Pour

In the long-awaited part three of the coverage from Skatefest 3, The concrete flows and another section is added to Hermann's Hole...Watch The Video and Read The Article.

added 8/3/11

National Go Skateboarding Day: Fayetteville,AR

Syndicate & Teamed up for one of the best National Go Skateboarding Days yet...Check The Photos & Video.

added 7/7/11

Dream Boards at

Little Rock's own, Dream Skateboards are now available at Shop!...Check The Online Store.

added 7/6/11

Skatefest 3: The Photos

In between Episodes 2 & 3, we show you photos taken by Nicolas Gibson of Skatefest 3 in Hermann, Missouri...Check The Slideshow.

added 7/6/11

Skatefest 3 Epidose 2: Bowl Comp

In part two of the epic coverage of Skatefest 3, you see the bowl competition in full effect...Watch The Video and Read The Article.

added 6/13/11

Skatefest 3 Epidose 1: The Madness

In part one of the long awaited coverage of Skatefest 3, JP Kraus speaks and we come right out of the gate with the highlights...Watch The Video and Read The Article.

added 6/8/11

Kanis Bash 2011 Coverage

As, Always Kanis Bash was epic. It had everything a good bowl bash needs: Skating, music, friends, beer, Kanis...Read the Article and See The Video.

added 5/12/11

Hermann's Hole - "Skatefest 3"

So for those of you who don't know, Hermann, Missouri is a small town with a quaint population near the St. Louis area. Little do the residents of this small town know...Read More.


That's right, round up the crew and head to Little Rock, May 7th for the 2011 Kanis Bash. Every year, The Kanis Project contributors throw down... See More

Heavy Metal Parking Lot
Last Weekend, Me and a couple of the Fayetteville/Ft. Smith crew took a trip down to our favorite little ghetto paradise, Little Rock. Our mission was to check out the newest in concrete additions to the Kanis Project...
read more

Welcome to
I'm glad to present to the internets. It took us arky's to round up enough of the green stuff to pay the governedment, but we sure did it! We are hoping to give these arkansas kids something to check out: what us locals are doing with our plywood flipsticks...
read more





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